My Future: Occupational Therapy


The college education that I seek to study and practice is occupational therapy.  First, one must understand what occupational therapy is.  Well, occupational therapy is the use of occupation to promote health and wellness. Occupational therapists are health professionals who use occupation and meaningful activities with specific goals to help people of all ages prevent, lessen, or adapt to disabilities.  The most rewarding and enjoyable part about my future career is being able to see my patient’s improve and become the person they were before.  Many times after getting hurt or having to do therapy, people become sad and depressed.  They think they won’t ever be the same or have the ability to do the normal life tasks they used to complete.  This is exactly where occupational therapists come into play.  They build relationships and create a bond with their patient to help them become a better version of who they were before rehab.  As an occupational therapist, I will be able to instill confidence in my patients and improve their self-esteem.  Another reason why I want to become an occupational therapist is the wide client demographic that they work with.  From babies and toddlers to athletes and elderly people, the variety of people occupational therapists serve is endless.  These few reasons will help improve my everyday life and happiness.  Knowing that I am helping people become the best version of themselves will be able to bring me joy.  

Also, my college education will help improve my community by helping directly with community members through my career.  The career of an occupational therapist correlates hand in hand with the community by having the ability to see someone to promote the health and well being of a patient.  I want to be able to give back to the community that has shaped me and showed me what true unconditional love and support looks like.  From being an athlete on the football and basketball teams to showing pigs at the Cass County 4-H Fair, the amount of people that truly care about the youth in this community is endless.  I suffered injuries through my sports in high school and I was able to see therapists and trainers that helped me significantly.  They cared for me and wanted to see me succeed in every aspect of life.  I want to be one of those people for my community who takes care of them and strives to see them accomplish their goals.  I want to have the chance to give back to the community that has given me so much throughout my life.  I plan to help our community members through rehab to ensure that they can go back to work and continue to be a vital part of our special community.

In addition to giving back to my community, my ability to help my community members with injuries and disabilities will allow me to form relationships with those I have been able to work with.  I have been an eyewitness to many of the relationships that have been formed with the trainers and therapists who have helped me.  I want to be able to have lifelong relationships with those whom I have worked with.  All these reasons are why I chose to pursue a career in the medical field.,for%20daily%20living%20and%20working.