Senior Year Tennis Season


As my senior year has been moving very quickly, one of my favorite parts of school came much faster than I thought. However, that is not a bad thing at all, my last tennis season began in the middle of march, and our matches just began last week. I spent my fall season out with the boy’s tennis team, watching them play, and learning more about how to prepare myself for this tennis season. Then during the winter, from October to March, I took classes at Greentown, to continue improving so that I felt ready for the season. 

Our girl’s open courts started in early January, which is the very start of our season. All the girls come in and play in the gym, which does hit differently from the courts, but it is still nice to go and hit. We had many great turnouts for open courts, and then our first day of practice came on March 13 with an even better turnout. Our first week of practice was very cold, but the team looked good for it only being the first week of practice. Then we went on spring break, then returned for the season to begin again! The first week back was still very cold, but we also had some nice days where I was able to take some layers off. 

When school started back up, that brought many nerves to me because that meant that matches were going to begin too. I was nervous because many of our practices had to be moved inside the gym, due to the cold or rainy weather, and I just wanted more time out on the courts to hit. Most weeks we have 2-3 matches, and for our first week we had three scheduled. Our first match was scheduled to be on Wednesday, April 5, but it was raining all day. The match got canceled, and the team had practice inside later that night. The following day, we had a match against Kokomo. I was very excited to get the season started and start playing matches, but as the day went on I kept getting nervous for how I would perform. I was out on the court warming up with my team, and my nerves just kept getting worse. I had to tell myself to calm down, and just go out on the court to have fun, because overall I just love to be out on the court playing. 

The match began at 4:30 and my nerves started to calm down as I was warming up with my opponent. As the match went on, I was having fun playing on the court, and starting the season with a good opponent to play against. The match ended with a score of 6-3 6-3 which was a very exciting match to play. The team did not end up winning the entire match, but everyone played well and I am so excited to see how we perform the rest of the season!