Ways to Spend your Summer Vacation


As summer is approaching very fast, many students are excited to get out and enjoy a break from school. However, some kids get bored over summer very easily, and need new ideas of how to spend their summer. There are many things to do for summer, but many kids end up not making any plans or just enjoy spending their days at home, which are sometimes my favorite days. There are many fun activities to occupy their days, but there might be ideas that they haven’t thought of previously. 

This article will help teenagers figure out ways to occupy their summer vacation! The first thing that kids can do to occupy their summer is to join a new sport, or practice one they might already be interested in. Many sports have practices throughout the summer, especially at our school, many of the sports host an open gym, court, or field. Picking up a new sport, or just participating in one, can keep kids active while not being overwhelmed with an actual season in their free time. This can help benefit health in young kids, and sports can help kids branch out and make new friends to start the next school year with. 

A sport could count as a new hobby, but teenagers could also pick up a new non-active hobby. Collecting things could be an interesting hobby, whether you are collecting coins, antiques, jewelry, or comic books, it is an interesting time to go searching and discover a new version of something for your collection. Another hobby could be reading, because sitting at home could give someone plenty of time to finish a book and could give someone a new love for reading. You could also take up a creative hobby, such as painting, drawing, writing, or making friendship bracelets, which could occupy lots of time while expressing yourself in a creative way. This can even be a way to make a little bit of money, if someone would buy the creative items you have made. 

Getting a job could also be a way to make money throughout the summer. Getting a job could help occupy some time for the summer while making money. Teenagers could either use the money for saving up, gas, or just buying some new clothes or items they might want to buy. A job could help teenagers learn work ethic, to be on time, and teach them new skills they might not have learned outside of a certain job. Getting a job is also a great way to save money to go out and spend time with a group of friends and not having to worry about who will pay. 

A main thing lots of teenagers spend their summer doing is hanging out with friends. Many groups of friends can go out to eat together to spend time, or they can find a place to hangout. Shopping is a big thing that girls or guys love to go do and spend time with, but they can also just relax at home to watch a movie, or play video games. Overall, summer can be spent in many ways, but maybe this summer would be a great time to branch out and meet new people or try something new!