The Most Rewarding Job


In healthcare there are a variety of job options. Some options are being a therapist, doctor, nurse, etc. These jobs are all very difficult, but they all have rewards that make it all worth it. Someone might find nursing very difficult, but there are many rewards. Some rewards are seeing sick patients slowly becoming better, making a difference in people’s lives, and getting recognition for all the hard work. 

Nothing is better than seeing a sick patient slowly getting better. Sometimes even the sickest patient that you think won’t get better, can get better. While caring for sick patients all day can be very discouraging, seeing them slowly get better makes the job all worth it. A nurse could be having a terrible day, but when they walk into a patient’s room and see the patient is healing from their sickness, it could make their whole day turn around for the better. 

Another reward being a nurse is making a difference in people’s lives. Nurses have impacted so many lives, from patients, to the families of the patients, to people they work with, etc. A nurse could be at a grocery store, and a family member of an old patient could stop the nurse to thank them for helping their family member get better. Or thanking the nurse that was there for them when they lost a loved one. That happens to many nurses around the world, people stopping, and thanking them for many different things they have done.

One of the last rewards is getting recognition for all the hard work nurses do daily. Nurses get many things like discounts from stores, or people buying things for them as a form of recognition. Nurses also get recognized nationwide for all of their hard work, and dedication to helping people. Many nurses love being recognized for their long, hard hours of work.

In my opinion, there are many rewards as a nurse. It may not be the easiest job in the world, but has good outcomes. Like benefiting the community and the people in it. Even though being a nurse can be super stressful at times, it is one of the best jobs someone could have. It is a huge responsibility trying to save lives everyday, but the rewards must make it a lot better. I hope the nurses know how appreciated they are and continue to try their best in their nursing career.