The definition of kindness from is the state or quality of being kind, showing kind acts, and just simply having a friendly feeling of being kind. There are many ways you can show kindness, such as, complimenting someone’s outfit, helping someone pick up items that were dropped, having sympathy, and many many more.

Most people need someone in their life who is kind and is willing to be kind without even knowing it. Random acts of kindness are especially significant because most of the time they happen to someone you don’t even know. When people are kind, there is a welcoming feeling in the atmosphere. People will want to be around you and you will reflect on them. Being kind to someone might also help their self esteem, leading to improving more and more people’s self esteem. The more people around you show kindness, the more the atmosphere around you will be more enjoyable and welcoming.

If you are kind to someone you don’t know, the kindness you spilled into them will reflect on other people. The people around you are the mood that you show. If you are showing kindness and compassion, then the people around you will hopefully show that too. The more kind you are, the more kind people around you will be. If you are negative, then the people around you will be negative, but if you are positive and show kindness, then the people around you will be positive and show kindness.

Some people don’t know what the word sympathy means. Sympathy is showing care for someone else, even though you aren’t them. Basically, being in someone elses, shoes, and seeing situations from their point of view. Sympathy can lead to kindness because if you could possibly know how someone else is feeling, then maybe you could say something different or act a different way because you know that they feel like that. Sympathy can also change your perspective of how you look at certain people. You can help people by showing sympathy, and maybe even help them through the same situations that you went through.

In conclusion, there are many ways to show kindness. That can be as simple as thoroughly listening to someone when they are talking or giving a presentation, not specifically in class. The more you show kindness, the better your environment will feel and be. You could change someone’s day by just being kind to them.