A Day in a Life With Sheep

A Day in a Life With Sheep

A lot of kids in this generation have no clue what goes into farming and livestock. For example one time my friend came over early in the morning when we were feeding and asked what was going on. They had no clue what all went into livestock. This experience opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of kids just sit at home doing nothing while others are outside doing animal chores and working with them for fair. This is my reasoning why writing A Day in a Life With Sheep 

Luckily, my mom feeds in the morning after I go to school, but to do that my dad makes feed the night before and sets it by each pen. Each lamb gets about 4 percent of their body weight  of feed per day. After giving them feed she checks waters but  they usually don’t need to be filled yet unless it has been super hot. She does this for each barn.

When I get home from school, I do homework then go outside to work with sheep. I start by locking  the big group of lambs outside then I open the doors. Then I get a lamb out and put the lamb on the head rack. After I put them on the head rack I brush and detailangle the wool.  I do that to each lamb. I wait for my dad to get home, and we get each one and put it on the treadmill for a few minutes. While he does that I will get the sheep that need work and practice working with them like I would in the show ring.

 After I work with lambs I dump and fill all the water and make feed and, my dad puts the extra additive in the feed and mixes it.Then we feed the feed we made to the small pins. Then  let the big pen in and feed the sheep. We give hay every other night. After that we make feed for the next morning and go to the next barn. We make feed for each pen. There are five  pens so it can take awhile to do, especially  if we need to go back into the feed barn and get a few bags of hay and feed. After we make each pen their feed, we give it to them and make it for tomorrow then we give them hay. While my dad and I are doing this, my mom dumps and refills each pin’s water. 

We repeat this every day and clean pins every weekend in the show barn. Having livestock is a lot more work than it sounds. Kids and parents put hours into feeding not to mention if you have any show animals that you have to train and feed.