Summer Fun in Wisconsin

Summer Fun in Wisconsin

In the summer, there are many  places that you can go to for vacation or you can visit a family member. One of my favorite places to go is Wisconsin. In Wisconsin there are many activities and fun things you can do there. I would recommend that you go to Wisconsin. Here are many reasons why I love Wisconsin.

The first reason why I love Wisconsin is tubing. Tubing is so much fun in Wisconsin because there is a big lake there. Most of the time the lake is super busy so when you are on the lake it can get very wavy. The waves are so big that when you fall off of your tube, you go flying and it could hurt. One time when my brother was tubing, he fell off of the tube, and he couldn’t walk the next day because he hurt so bad. When my dad is driving it gets a little crazy. He was driving when I was on the tube, and we went over a wave runners’ wave, and I went airborne. It was a little painful, but it was fun. We also go through this thing called the canal and on Fourth of July we bring water guns on the tubes and the boat because there are water gun fights. That is also one of my favorite things to do in Wisconsin.This is one of my favorite reasons why I love visiting Wisconsin.

The second reason why I love Wisconsin is four wheel riding. Four wheeling is awesome in Wisconsin because there are really cool trails that they have there. When you are four wheeling, you need to know that things are going to get a little messy or muddy. I like to drive the four wheelers on the muddy trails. My dad also takes me on the four wheelers, and we go past a ton of awesome sites. One of the things that we go past sometimes is a really nice golf course. Also, four wheelers can basically go through anything and that is why you can get very dirty. This was the second reason why Wisconsin is so much fun.

The third reason why I absolutely love Wisconsin is to see my family that live far away. We have a tradition of going to Wisconsin every Summer. They have a lake house there that we stay at. Being able to see my cousins, aunt, and uncle is so much fun. I love going tubing with them, having Fourth of July with them, and four wheeling with them. Going to Wisconsin is such a great opportunity to see my family. This is the third reason why I love Wisconsin so much.

In conclusion, this is one of the places my family and I love to visit every summer. So, I would definitely consider you going to Wisconsin. You won’t regret it. What is a place you love going to during the summer?