Why You Should Listen to Franz Liszt

Why You Should Listen to Franz Liszt

Can’t decide what you want to listen to? Franz Liszt has almost any kind of music you can think of. From happy to sad to exciting to mysterious, Franz Liszt has it all. If you don’t know Liszt, he was a famous composer from the 1800s. Franz Liszt has arguably composed some of the best music of his time.  

First, Franz Liszt has a wide range of options to choose from. For example, one of my favorite pieces, Liebestraum, is a very soft piece. Liebestraum translates to “Love Dream.” This piece is smooth, beautiful, and passionate. But Liszt doesn’t just compose passionate pieces, he also composed a piece named “Un Sospiro” and “La Campanella.” Un Sospiro is a lot faster than Liebestraum. I would describe this piece as majestic and mysterious. La Campanella is probably the most famous piece Liszt composed. This piece was written by Paganini for violin, but Liszt transposed it to the piano. La Campanella has a lot more exciting tones. La Campanella translates to “The Bell.” When Franz Liszt transposed this piece to the piano, he had made one of the hardest pieces of music for piano. Liszt could play harder pieces easier because had rather large hands and this was due to Marfan’s Syndrome. 

Next, Franz was very talented. It is said that he could sight-read a piece of music in minutes. Sight reading is when a person plays a piece of music without ever looking at it before. Liszt also had perfect pitch, meaning he was able to hear a sound and tell which note it was. This means that after he heard a song he could probably play it even if he didn’t have sheet music. Although he had Marfan’s Syndrome, it helped him. He could reach much further than the average person and could play much harder pieces. In “La Campanella”, the piece starts with huge jumps, but because of his large hands and fingers, Liszt could make these jumps much faster and easier. 

Lastly, Franz Liszt’s music always helps me focus. Unlike music today, Liszt’s pieces don’t have lyrics, so I don’t get distracted while studying. Sometimes lyrics are distracting to some people, especially when studying. A few people I know listen to music to focus, but after a while, they get distracted and start singing and dancing. I also like to listen to Liszt when I’m trying to sleep. I don’t know about you, but I find it rather hard to fall asleep, so some calming music always helps me. 

In conclusion, Franz Liszt composed some of the best music. Whether you like calming or upbeat music, I’m sure you’d like Liszt. Most people don’t like classical music because it isn’t exciting, but they never really go out of their way to explore the musical genre.