Family Games

Family Games

Family games, we all play them. Some of us are better than others. The games may be short or they may be long. Some games have many pieces and some don’t but they all are enjoyable. Most games take more than one player, but others can involve your whole family. Board games come in many different colors and shapes. Most are squares but there are circles and triangles. 

Monopoly is one of the most popular games. It is played all over the world but mainly in the U.S. Monopoly is in the board game hall of fame. It is the two most time consuming games. Monopoly is my personal favorite game. It is a fun family competition.

Go Fish is another fun game. It is easy to play and understand. Most people in the world have either played or heard of Go Fish. Go Fish was invented in 1851 and has been played sense. All you need to play Go Fish is a deck of cards and a few friends. Go Fish is very simple and lots of fun.

War is another game that takes a little bit more understanding of cards but it is still very fun. War takes two or more people and is a nice friendly competition. All you need to play war is luck and a deck of cards. War might get boring but it is fun for the first couple of games. War normally takes 10-40 mins. 

Family games are a lot of fun for family and friends. There are many other family games out there. I just talked about my favorites. If you need a long game play monopoly. If you need a short one then play Go Fish or war. Any board game you play will be fun, you just need to find one.