Senior Reality Day


This past Friday I had the opportunity to participate in the senior reality held at Walton Christian Church here in Walton. This event was put on by Mr. Richey with help from Mrs. Brown and other people behind the scenes. A select few of students from the Junior class were able to help out with Senior Reality day as well, and coming from my experience with that too, It was enjoyable. Essentially, this event’s purpose is to give the senior class a taste of real life and what it entails. I personally think Mr. Richey did a great job heading Senior Reality day up because of how well it went and what I ultimately learned from it. 

Senior Reality Day consisted of a schedule very similar to regular school but chalked with different content. For example, one class was taught by Mrs. Landis, and its title was “Lessons With Landis.” This class was the most informative in my opinion because she taught about basic adult responsibilities that are typically overlooked such as doing laundry, buying groceries, buying a house, cleaning an apartment or house, or cooking. The aspect of the class that I will remember most is the 123 method for surviving on low amounts of food. 1 stands for 1 pound of ground beef or sausage, 2 stands for 2 cups of pasta or rice, and 3 stands for how it lasts you 3 days. She described that one can add other things like cheese, sour cream, tomato sauce, or vegetables to make the meal even better if it can work with their budget. Overall, that class was fantastic and I learned a good amount from it. 

Other than Mrs. Landis’s class, there were finance, home repair, car maintenance, police education, and community involvement classes as well. Each of them were very informative and worthwhile. The finance class was my second favorite because the information taught in it was very applicable and based on real life situations. It talked about the details involved with a real budget and how a job factors into it. It especially showed me how expensive the cost of living nowadays is and how to invest my money in a strategic way to use time as my adversary, which would ultimately allow a comfortable retirement.

Other than the classes, each senior went through a realistic interview. There were about 8 different interviewers and each specialized in different careers. For example, my interviewer was a project manager at Myers Spring in Logansport, so he was very experienced in conducting interviews, which made it a better and more realistic experience for me. Each senior had to supply a cover letter and resume that would be sent to their interviewer beforehand, so that aspect prepared us for the interview. The interview was arguably the most important part of the day because it directly prepared the seniors for a real interview.

In conclusion, senior reality day was a good chance for seniors like me to get a taste of the real-world and the responsibility that comes with it. Mr. Richey did a great job in organizing the event and making everything go smoothly. I would strongly encourage next year’s seniors to take their senior reality day seriously because it can aid in succeeding in the long run with life.