A Podcast: Crime Junkie


As someone who enjoys listening to music on every car ride, during an assignment, or just relaxing at home I always like to have my headphones in. However, I am not always in the mood to just listen to music. I had been feeling like this for a while and I just wasn’t enjoying listening to music all the time. I eventually decided to try a podcast but I found them so boring and I could never finish a full episode. I have always loved a crime television show, and when I discovered a crime podcast I knew I would enjoy it.

Crime Junkie is a podcast hosted by two people, Ashley and Brit. Each episode released is around 40 minutes of a murder, kidnapping, or disappearance that happened and what the police went through to try and solve it. Brit and Ashley give as many details as possible and even ask the questions that us listeners are wondering too. They make each episode different to keep me interested in learning more about what happened, and keep others aware and alert for future situations. They provide insight to their listeners about what happened and what to watch out for when out on their own. 

They have many different types of stories that they tell including serial killers, mass murder, or even a one time disappearance that happened. I find myself listening to these on long car rides, cleaning around the house, or just wanting to listen to something while working on an assignment. Ashley and Brit first released their podcast during December 2017, and ever since their first release they have been on the top charts with 500 million downloads. They have produced over 630 stories to share with their listeners. Though Ashley and Brit are making entertainment for their listeners, they also take a share of their profits and donate it to charity. Over $600,000 dollars have been donated to charity from Crime Junkie since 2017. 

As someone who enjoys the stories, and is kept interested through the Crime Junkie podcast, I still struggle to not get freaked out by all of the stories. I get a little scared and overwhelmed when I am by myself after listening to a crime podcast. However, Crime Junkie produces both solved and unsolved cases. With the unsolved cases they leave a hotline, or the local police department’s number for any clues that a listener may know or have seen. I have found that even though I get freaked out about some of these stories, that listening to only the solved stories is what keeps me feeling safe and okay when I am by myself. The unsolved ones are still very interesting and I love to listen to those stories when it does not frighten me. 

Overall, Crime Junkie is a great alternative to music and can keep you busy for around 40 minutes when you need to focus and get something done, or when you just need to pass some time with entertainment. I would recommend this podcast, and would say just give it a try and see if you like the first episode!