Taylor Swift Eras Tour


SIngers and artists are something that join people together from all over the country. People can relate to each other just by the artists that they enjoy listening to. They can also come together at the tours that these artists hold all over the world. One artist that is going on tour right now is Taylor Swift. Her tour is called the Eras Tour and has around fifty two different shows in it. This is a very popular tour because the last time she did one was in 2018, the reputation tour.

It’s called the Eras Tour because she performs songs from all of her different albums from the past. The set list contains forty-four songs divided into ten acts that portray all of these albums. It has received a lot of attention, and good reviews for the production, and Swift’s musicianship, vocals, charisma, stamina, and versatility as an entertainer. Around 3.5 million people registered for the presale for the tickets on a website called ticketmaster. After the website crashed 2.4 million tickets were bought that day. This was a new record for the amount of tickets sold in one day for a tour. Prices for these tickets cost anywhere from $100-$800. Each show has around one to two hundred thousand people in attendance. Her three shows in Tampa had the most people at 701,000.

Her last tour, The Reputation Tour, was her second most popular tour. It had around 2.8 million attendees and made around $345 million in revenue. It was the third highest grossing female concerts of all time. It had around fifty shows all around the country. Since this tour she has released three different albums. Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights. She has also re-recorded albums like Fearless, and Red. She also went on many talk shows after finishing this tour. On October 24th she went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She confirmed that another tour would happen soon at The Graham Norton Show on October 28. On November 1, 2022, Swift announced on Good Morning America and on her social media accounts that her sixth concert tour would be called the Eras Tour. She said it would be a journey of her musical career. The Eras tour has gotten some of the best compliments, and is her best selling concert yet. More than three million people have attended these concerts so far. 

In my opinion taylor swift is one of the best songwriters and performers there is. Her concerts have been some of the best ranked in attendance and sales, in the world. Her music brings so many people together either at these concerts, or even just somewhere local. I know many people that have attended the Eras Tour and said it was the best concert they have ever been to.