My Favorite Memories


All things come to an end, and for me, my high school career is coming to an end. High school has been a journey with lots of memories. My whole life for the past 12 years has been surrounded by my school life, but soon I will be onto new beginnings. Although I never thought I would be ready to say goodbye to Lewis Cass Schools I am happy to say that I am ready to move on. For my last article, I want to write about the most memorable memories from my high school career. 

A lot of the memories that I will be keeping are from cheerleading. Cheerleading brought me close to a lot of people including some of my closest friends Kyah Preston, Savannah Bowser, and Kadence Miller. I think all of my closest cheer friends can agree that our freshman year was our peak year for cheerleading. The seniors that year worked hard to plan fun activities for us all to participate in, and create bonds with each other. The best memories I have from that year are from cheer camp. For cheer camp, we drove to Elkhart, Indiana, stayed in a house, had cheer sessions at Indiana Ultimate, and ate out together. For the road trip up there I was a little nervous going into it. We took two small buses, one varsity and one junior varsity. I had made varsity that year and didn’t really have any friends on the varsity team. On the bus, one of the seniors decided to sit with me who throughout the year I ended up becoming close with. When we got to the house we were all very excited and quickly took ourselves on a tour around the house. Our house had three floors, so I chose to sleep in the basement with my grade. Our house had a big backyard with a pool where we spent a lot of our time when we were at the house. From the house, we have a lot of inside jokes. My favorite inside joke I have is with my friend Kenzie McLeland where we stayed up for hours laughing about it one night. Our sessions at Indiana Ultimate were one of the best parts of cheer camp. Although it was 90-plus degrees in the gym we all worked hard putting in work. Our tensions may have been high from the stress of our stunts not going up every time, us being worn out physically, and us getting moved around stunt groups to find the best positions for us as a team but we still had a lot of fun. 

I also have some memories from different classes throughout my high school career. One of the funniest memories looking back occurred in Spanish class. My friend Erika and I were working on a paper together and her Apple watch’s screen wasn’t working so she wanted to shut it off. As the great friend I am, I tried to hold down the button to shut it off not knowing that it would call 911. On top of that misfortune, the 911 call wouldn’t connect to her phone so she had to have a conversation with a dispatch officer, on speaker, in the middle of class. I don’t think either of our faces has ever been redder in our lives. At the moment we were both nervous laughing and crying but now looking back it is one of the funniest class memories I have. Another memory I have was also in a Spanish class. We were playing a game where we said a word and then threw the ball to another person. I said my word and then went to throw the ball to another person. My throw was probably the worst I think anybody has ever done. The ball was thrown onto the wall where I knocked down a few of Mrs. Karmel’s decorations. At the moment it was very funny because it seemed so impossible to accomplish knocking so many items down. 

I will remember these memories forever throughout my life. Although I’m sure I have plenty of other memories I could think of the ones I talked about are probably my favorite ones. To anybody going into high school, I would say to make sure to make memories and take them in. Going through high school just focused on your grades will be the worst 4 years ever but making memories in the process makes it a little easier.