To my last 4 years 


Kyah Preston 

May 9th 2023

Feature # 5

To my last 4 years 

When I went into my freshman year of high school I had knots in my stomach. I was so scared to start this new stage of my life. My grades counted, my GPA mattered, sports became more competitive, friends came and left, and I was starting to grow. Looking back now as a senior there is nothing to worry about absolutely nothing. Things will fall into place, you will meet your new best friends. 

Some of my best memories come from my high school years. My freshman year cheer season was one memory I look back to now. My freshman year season was so fun I learned so many new things about stunting and had an amazing cheer camp experience. I got to get closer to my coaches and my teammates. I got to spend time with my senior best friend Mckayla Thompson and got to look up to her in many ways. My Freshman cheer team had great seniors that made the year so fun.

My freshman-year mission trip was also something I look back on as well. My freshman year I got invited to go to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip with a family friend. I got to meet so many new amazing humans and got to learn quite a bit more about the Dominican and worked on my Spanish as well. Another big key thing that I remember from freshman year was the excitement of having a fresh start and getting to join new clubs. 

Flash forward to my senior year, my year of memories. This was the year I learned more about myself, I grew as a person and made the best memories with my lifelong best friends. It was the year of success, failing, learning, growing, and taking it all in. My senior year started on August 4th. Coming back to school was so exciting at first, getting to see everyone again after our summer break. I was so excited to see what the year would bring and we had finally all made it to our senior year of high school. 

Football season was super fun this year, the boys had a fun exciting season and we had a super fun crowd to cheer for. I couldn’t believe this was my last season of cheering with the other senior cheerleaders Kadence Miller, Ashlin Collins, and Savannah Bowser. The themes were super fun and we had an amazing student section this year as well. I cheered with my little sister Rylan as well so that made it super special too. 

My senior year choir group is something that I am thankful I have gained. There are so many memories in my life that come from the choir. I started choir when I was in fourth grade with my best friend Savannah Bowser. And now here I am about to have my last concert this Friday. I have performed around 30 times with my best friend Savy and it is something that will stay in my heart forever.

From applying to college, working on homework, and applying for scholarships to being a lead in my senior musical this year and my whole four years were special. My class has some very special people and mentors that I will be thankful for forever. I will never regret hanging out with my friends, asking questions, and being loud and annoying with my best friends at lunch. I can’t wait to see where our futures take us.