A Reflection on High School


Throughout many years of high school, I have made so many great memories, friends, and learned many different things that I can carry through life with me. Many students either love high school or strongly dislike it. However, I was a person that enjoyed coming to school most days. I find myself to be a very social person, and I love to talk to everyone and just spend time around other people. I enjoyed coming to school for the social aspect, but the homework was not my favorite part of high school. However, I didn’t mind it most of the time because I stayed pretty organized to make sure I had time to finish and turn in all of my assignments. 

Out of all four of my high school years, I would say that my senior year was by far my favorite. I have a great group of friends who I spend almost every class with so coming to school was easy to spend each day with them. My senior year has been very bittersweet and special which made me soak in each moment and live in the moment at times. From my last fall season sport, my last fall break, all the way to my last tennis season, last prom, and last day of school coming up each moment has been something I have been cherishing. I have learned that even though I never believed anyone when they said that the last years move very fast, they were right. The past four years, especially this past year, have moved so fast and it doesn’t feel like almost 10 months have passed. 

As I am saying goodbye to high school, I am more than ready to go onto new things like college, working, and branching out into what my life will really look like. However, part of me will still be very upset when it comes to the day where I know I will not be waking up to go to high school the next day. Since I am staying close to home for college, I am not worried about leaving the people I have grown to love throughout high school because I know I will get to see them in my college classes or make plans with the ones who are still in high school. The thing I do not want to leave most are my sports. Throughout high school I have learned to look forward to each day to go out and play tennis, but in college there will not be that to look forward to each day. However, knowing that tennis is just a sport that needs two people to play, I am so excited to go out and play for fun with some of the friends I have gained throughout my four years of playing. 

If I had to give one piece of advice to the incoming freshmen, or the juniors currently who are going to be seniors, I would tell this to soak in every moment. Even though looking back at my freshmen year and thinking how long four years would take me to get through high school, I would say it flew by so quickly. So take that picture with your friends, get your homework done on time, and enjoy every second of the situation you are currently living in, because in just a few very short years it is all going to change. Even though it may seem silly at the moment, someday you will miss something you had in high school, so cherish it while you have it.