My Junior Year


This school year went by extremely fast. I felt like it was only yesterday that I entered my Junior Year of High School. I have had many struggles as well as many great developments. Next year will be my last year of high school, and I am excited as well as anxious.

This year was one of the first years in High School that I never really stressed about homework or grades. I always got them done, even if sometimes they were a little late, and always tended to get good grades. The only really challenging class would be AP chemistry. Even with how hard it is, I ended up (probably) anyway with a B+ which is definitely good enough for me with how hard that class is. I guess what helped the most was the exclusion of any foreign language class this year. Last year I took Spanish III, and it was one of the most stressful classes I took. I always felt like I did not know what everyone else did and spoke Spanish very poorly. That class always made me anxious, but I did not have that stress this year.  I am glad I took some of the harder classes early, so I did not have to worry about them later. Since I took Spanish in 8th grade, I finished Spanish III my Sophomore year. I worked hard and played hard later, so to speak. 

Another great part of my Junior year was Mr. Wilson. Yes, he was so good that he gets his own paragraph. He has a quirky sense of humor that I found very amusing. He made US History very fun (It also helps that I like history in general). I also liked his references to older pop culture, especially with music. He was just great to talk with about things like older music. Despite what I heard from other previous students, Mr. Wilson also has a very objective approach to teaching some of the more controversial parts of history that looks at the facts. This made me feel very confident in the information he was presenting us. It was also fun to ask him for more details in history if I was curious. He seems to know a lot of very obscure facts about very particular moments in history. 

Junior year was also a great year to find myself. The first two years of high school, I was just winging everything and hoped it would stick. This year, I took a look at my life and attempted to answer the question,“How does my brain work?” I have observed how I work and potential solutions for these issues. There are still some issues, but just knowing that they exist is still a very good first step forward. I have also experimented more with new things and what I like. As an example, I have learned that I despise going to football games, but I like going to nerdy hangouts where we just goof off and have a good time playing Beat Saber.

Overall, my Junior year was very eventful. I have learned more about myself than I did before, which helped me greatly. I have also experienced the great teaching of Mr. Wilson, which made the year pretty interesting. Finally, I have experienced what it feels like to not be anxious about grades. I can not wait till my next and final year of high school.