Divergent delivers as a Thriller

Divergent is a spectacular and exciting movie that is based on the world wide bestseller by Veronica Roth. The movie is great, and I really never lost interest in the fantastic film. With the main quote being “One choice can transform you,” Shailey Woody, who played Tris, and Theo James, who was Four.

The characters are a great part of this film. I have read the book Divergent, so I knew almost exactly what was to be expected while watching, but Woody and James fit the main characters Four and Tris perfectly! They looked identical to how Veronica Roth had the readers perceive them!

Another phenomenal part of the movie Divergent was the setting and special effects were dead on to what was described in the novel. It definitely would be very difficult to make sure that the scenes looked exactly like they were described because this book was set in future, hundreds of years after the fall of the United States. The book made references to places and things like O’Hare International Airport and Indianapolis, Indiana. Of course, these objects and places would need to look very aged, and the special effects of the movie do a great job of presenting this.

My favorite thing about this movie though, is the relationship between Four and Tris and how they deal with the threats that are posed to not only their faction, the Dauntless, but also all the other factions. When Four and Tris realize that they both are Divergent, both learn to do everything possible to hide that identity and protect not just each other but everyone else as well. The two both know that they have to do something to protect all of these innocent people, but they also take on the challenge of trying to protect a whole extra faction! Both Four and Tris show great bravery when they realize that they need to protect especially their former faction, the Abnegation. Even though Divergent is clearly a fictional movie, I really admire the bravery that Shailey Woody, as Tris, portrays. She kicks but in the movie, and shows that girls can win in challenges that require self-defense, strength, and also bravery. Along with these characteristics, Tris shows girls that being smart and intelligent along with brave can get you very far!

I would definitely recommend the movie Divergent for everyone! It is a fantastic show of bravery, skill, and love. In some of the scenes, the fighting could be a little intense for younger kids, but I still think that these few scenes do not take much away from the over-all movie. “One choice can transform you.” If you were in their positions, what would your choice be?



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