I recently watched the movie Fury. The movie was fully comprised of action from the very beginning and until the very end. Fury starred Brad Pitt as the captain of a tank that they called “Fury”. Pitt delivered a fantastic performance throughout the entire movie. The movie took place in April 1945 during World War II. The movie was made from a collection of true stories told by former military tankers. The movie had many wonderful parts in it, but here are a few of the scenes and reasons that I enjoyed “Fury”.

When new military recruit Norman joined the “Wardaddy’s” (Brad Pitt) platoon he knew nothing of what was going to be in store for him. He wasn’t supposed to be a part of the arm; he was trained to type fast. On his first mission he quickly learned about what he would have to endure. They ran into a trap set by the Nazis, and one of the mean with him was killed. This part showed the cruelty of war, but it also showed humanity because Norman didn’t want to kill people. Another one of my favorite parts of the movie was when Dan and Norman met the girls in the city that they took over. Norman and Emma instantly liked each other from the moment they met. Norman couldn’t speak to her, but they knew what each other was thinking. When it came time for Norman to leave, he watched as the building that she was in was bombed and she was killed. From that moment Norman dreadfully hated the Nazi’s. He realized that the Germans were killing innocent people and wanted to put a stop to it.

Finally, my favorite part of “Fury” was the final stand against the SS Nazis, a special group that was highly trained. There was only one tank left and it was commanded by Dan Collier (Pitt). They fended the Nazis off for hours before finally losing at the end. They were all killed except for Norman, who escaped through a hatch in the tank’s bottom. He survived and was called a hero. I loved that because of the bravery that every one of the Americans showed.

Overall, I enjoyed Fury. I recommend it to older audiences because of events and language. I really think that they ruined this movie with vulgar language, even though it might have been realistic. Therefore, I do not think younger kids should watch this.

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