Was it Ever Real?

Was it Ever Real?

Has anyone ever had the feeling of Deja Vu or felt the effects of the “Mandela effect”? If you have not heard of Deja Vu, it is the feeling that you have experienced or seen something that you feel like has happened already before. Mandela effect is when a “large group of people remember something differently than how it occurred” according to Healthline. More than often I experience Deja Vu and on rare occasions I have a feeling that I actually have seen something different than how it must have been, just like the Kit Kat brand name. Many people insist there is a dash in between the two words when in reality, it seems to never have been there. Experiencing these have people believing in conspiracy theories and the idea of an alternate universe. 

The possibility of KitKat having a hyphen occurs very often and can quite frankly easily trip someone up. The occurrence of the Mandela effect happens more frequently than we would think. According to GoodHousekeeping, people wonder if George from Curious George even had a tail! Now that I am re-reading all of these conspiracies, I too am questioning if anything was ever even real the first time. The beginning of this effect is when Nelson Mandela had passed away. Many people distinctly remember him passing away in prison, but others believe he died just from a prolonged respiratory infection in South Africa. This was the start of the Mandela effect. 

People also experience this effect with food as well. An example of this is the peanut butter brand Jif. Many believe that it was Jiffy all along, but the name on the jar says otherwise. Will we ever find out what it really was all along? The effect goes beyond just food items, it also includes popular cartoon shows. Think back to watching bugs bunny and his friends. Was the title Looney Tunes or Looney Toons? The world may never know! The more I am researching these conspiracy theories, the more amazed and confused I get. The Mandela effect can even be as tiny as a change in one letter. People have even argued over if “The Berenstain Bears” was spelled with an “a” after the “t” or with an “e”. To me, both names look so normal to me that I don’t even remember what I had thought what it was before. 

All in all, I had an incredible time researching all these cool conspiracy theories revolving around the Mandela effect. If you want to look at some of your own just google it and prepare to be astonished. Some of these I have heard before already and others I was shocked to see. I find it so interesting that everyone has a different perspective of how things were said or done based on their memory or by what someone had said. I would love to know if you experienced the same things or anything new down below!

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