Writer’s Block


Writing takes a lot of time and energy. One must be passionate/invested in it to make an outstanding piece of written work. Of course, not everyone is going to always have that magnificent lightbulb moment. Even the best of the best will have writer’s block. In my instance, writer’s block does not always have to be in News Journalism or in English class. For me, I use writer’s block as another way of saying ‘procrastination.’ We are all guilty of it so don’t even try to lie about only doing it when you’re really busy. The reason it continuously happens is that even when I procrastinate, I always get the work in time so I can never just stop even though I tell myself otherwise. 

Writer’s block, aka procrastination, is mostly seen in high school and college students. Of course, it is not completely foreign to older adults either. In this generation, distraction is the key cause to not accomplishing work until the very last minute. With all the new technology and materials we have, it is impossible to not get side tracked at every ding, notification, and random thought or realization of something we forgot moments earlier. After talking to a couple people, unnamed, on whether or not they procrastinate, a lot seem to have said that they only procrastinate when they do not start the ‘assignment’ right away. “If I hold it off once, I’m going to keep holding it off until the due date.”-Unknown

For me, I usually finish my tasks if I start it right as I am given the task. If I continuously tell myself that the work can wait or if I can just watch one more episode until starting, then I will eventually just keep holding it off for the next day. Sometimes, procrastination often leads to actual writer’s block. With the whole world under a viral pandemic, a lot if not everything has been restricted for our own safety. Therefore, loads of public areas are either closed off or have to follow strict guidelines preventing a large amount of crowds at one time. With this being said, not much “tea” or exciting news is out there ready at our disposal to vigorously write about. My classmates and I can usually write an immense amount of words and paragraphs in a limited amount of time if we have the right topic to talk on about. Otherwise, we are just going out on a wild goose chase with ourselves.

Having writer’s block does not just mean that you don’t know what to write about, but rather what the next step should be. Don’t be alarmed though. Having writer’s block does not mean that you have a lack of commitment or lack of writing skills. This just means that the creativity flow is at a slowing process and needs something to jump start it. One of the main causes of writer’s block is perfectionism. If one wants something to be so perfect yet does not know how to start it, he/she usually holds it off for later until it magically comes to his/her mind or is just stuck on the next step. Have you ever experienced writer’s block, and when?