Support Your Local Choir


In this soft news feature,”Lewis Cass Choir Kings Charisma Earns Gold Medal at Jazz Event,” by Kristi Hileman on the Pharos Tribune, the author uses a mix of ethos and pathos to illustrate the choir concert that took place on Wednesday, March 10th. She starts off by stating that the choir earned a gold medal at the Indiana State School Music Associate Jazz’s Organization, and the class found out they won on Monday. The author then states that the choir teacher, Mrs. Dubois decided to enter her students due to the talent they possessed for the first time in 10 years. She then continues by stating that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, choirs did not travel but they worked hard nonetheless. Practicing since January, the choir submitted their performance on March 10th where all three judges rated the choir at gold levels. The author also states that Mrs. Dubois entered students in the solo and ensemble events. In total, the choir brought home 18 gold medals and 3 silver medals. The author finishes stating that Mrs. Dubois couldn’t be more proud of her students. While I am not a part of choir, I am a part of the performing arts here at Cass. Several of my castmates in drama are in choir, so it was really fascinating to see them work so hard. A lot of attention at Cass is given to the athletic department, so having one of the few performing arts not only make the paper, but also receive a gold rating at ISSMA is truly spectacular. It just proves that performing arts are just as important as athletics.