Kings Cast: Behind the Scenes


Movies are a lot harder to make than they seem. Those ultra-realistic effects and explosions are not easy to make. While King’s Cast is not a big TV show or movie, it does take time to work on episodes. It starts out with planning, we have to figure out which segments to do ahead of time before anything is actually shot. After that gets planned we have to schedule times for people to come down if we are doing an interview that week. To help with how everything looks, we film stuff over a green screen. A green screen allows us to add backgrounds when we edit the videos. Our writers are also our actors. So the writers can do things the way they imagined them to be. We shoot the segments on a 4k camera , meaning the resolution is classified as ultra-high resolution. This resolution is four times 1080p and is better than most TVs can handle. So why do we shoot at a resolution higher than most people will view it?  The reason being so that we can downsize the image to fit on TVs and it works better than shooting the clips natively in 1080p. It also gives us room to zoom in on a clip so the person does not look pixelated. Once we get all the clips together we send them to the video editor (who just happens to be me). 

The video editing process takes some learning if you have never done anything similar before. The software used is also used by many major media companies. Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry standard (which means it is used a lot in the media industry.) The editor has to piece together  the clips in the right order. They also have to cut out some unwanted or unneeded parts like bloopers as well when an interview goes on for too long. The editor adds the background image for the green screen. The green screen can be troublesome though since it must have equal lighting and must be the same shade of green throughout. One way we counteract the problems is by having multiple lights shining on the actors. If we have too much light though, the green reflects off of the screen which we do not want, because we can see the green on them. It takes some precision to make sure the green screen is just right. The green screen effect is called ultra-key and we use other effects as well as video transitions to make moving from one shot to the next not happen in an instant, thus making the transition smooth and inviting. We also have to edit the audio. While Adobe Premier is primarily a video editor, it also has some features to edit the audio. The audio needs to be edited due to some background noise popping up. Adobe Premiere has background noise filters that accomplish this task and it does it very well. 

In conclusion, producing a quality video is not as easy as it sounds or looks. A lot goes into the production process of making a video and if one thing gets screwed up, it can make the rest of the video bad. I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the King’s Cast.

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