The Colts after Week 3.


The Indianapolis Colts aren’t the best team to always root for. As a Colts fan, I have received many heartbreaks and many moments of sadness and disappointment. The Indianapolis Colts came into this season as heavy favorites to win the AFC South and now stand in a tie for the last place in the whole league with a current record of 0-3. The Colts need help in many areas and that includes Quarterback, O-Line, and playmakers on the offensive side. 


The Colts came into the offseason with a huge QB problem. The prior year franchise QB Andrew Luck retired due to health and recent QB Philip Rivers retired due to his increasing age. The Colts were looking for a huge play this offseason and only ended up with Carson Wentz. Yes, a former MVP finalist but he isn’t the same player he was back then. I like how Carson plays but he goes for too much in areas where it’s not worth it. The Colts are a very well balanced team that’s just missing the QB that can lead them into a playoff position. During the offseason, the Colts were linked to Matthew Stafford who is now with the Los Angeles Rams who could win the MVP this year due to his great play. The Colts need a playmaker behind the O-Line. The Colts should finally make a big-time move before this core becomes too old and will cost them the salary cap. Hopefully this offseason we pull off a trade or draft a young QB. If we are drafting hopefully we get a dude like Matt Corral from Ole Miss. 


Next, is the Offensive line of the Colts. We can’t stay healthy or block anyone. Our star-left guard Quenton Nelson was carted off the field this past Sunday against the Tennessee Titans with an ankle injury. Also, the Colts are missing left tackle Brayden Smith with both a foot and thumb injury. Also with the retirement of Anthony Castonzo at right tackle was a huge loss as well. The Colts only faced one elite defensive and that was the Rams. The Colts O-Line can’t give Wentz enough time to make any decisions and won’t give the running backs any holes to run through. If the O-Line goes back to normal we could maybe turn this ship around. 


The Colts have had recent struggles at drafting skilled offensive players on the outside in recent drafts since 2012. We haven’t had a real number one wide receiver since Ty Hilton was in his prime a few years ago. Micheal Pittman Jr is a nice player but right now in his career, he isn’t a number one worthy guy. If we had some offensive stars it would help us score so our great defense can hold it down for us.


The Indianapolis Colts so far has had a hard schedule but it doesn’t look any easier for them. The Colts travel to Miami next week that should be a win but this then follows up with the Ravens, 49ers, Titans, Bills, and Buccaneers. A couple of those weeks we have easy match-ups such as the Texans, Jets, and Jaguars but we need to get all of those to have a shot at the playoffs. The Colts still have a fighting shot but this next Sunday will be a huge test to see if we have any fight left.