Advice to Incoming Freshman


Kyah Preston

Student life Feature #1


My Letter to the Class of 2026


Heading into my freshman year, I was scared. I was scared of not being able to fit in, of getting lost, and the uncertainty of what the next four years would look like. 


Whether it was from High School Musical or another show, many people know high school is full of cliques. There are already friend groups once you get to high school, so it might be hard to fit in. If I could go back and tell freshman Kyah that she will find an amazing group of friends and an amazing class to spend the next four years of high school with, it would take a lot of weight off of her shoulders. I’m sure that’s how many other freshmen feel as well. I am here to tell you, you will meet some of your best friends these next four years. You will grow and gain so many friendships by being at school with other kids for the next four years. You may not notice it in the beginning, but you will eventually see what a blessing it is to grow close to the people in your class. After spending four years with the people in your class, you will grow close to most everyone and you will learn so much about everyone.That’s the best part!


Another thing that I would like to tell freshmen is that you won’t get lost. I remember when I came in for orientation, they told us it was just a big square. In my eyes, this school felt big. I would love to let you know that it is hard to get lost. If you do, it is totally fine. Someone will be there to help you. We have an amazing staff that would be more than happy to direct you to the right place. After being here for four years you will know it like the back of your hand. It will become like your second home because of how much time you spend here.


The last piece of advice I would give a freshman is to enjoy it. It is going to seem rough and long, but it will go by so fast. You might even be confused as to how you made it to your senior year so quickly. Enjoy hanging out with your friends after games or plays or contests. Enjoy your class memories and inside jokes. Enjoy the early mornings, even though they seem terrible at the moment. Enjoy your practices, even if you are dreading them, because they will be over soon. 


My biggest piece of advice would just be to take it all in and enjoy all of it.