Senior Reflection


     Throughout my life, and especially my high school career, there have been a lot of events, clubs, and people that have influenced me into who I am today. Throughout high school I have been involved in cross country, track, and FFA. Through these sports and clubs, I have got to be around my coaches/advisors quite a bit. There have been many coaches and teachers who have helped me throughout my high school career.

     I joined cross country my 7th grade year – the first year I was able to. If it wasn’t for some of my closest friends joining me, I probably wouldn’t have even stuck with the sport for another 5 years after that season. During my 6 years in cross country, I have had some great coaches. Mr. Bonsett, Mr. Benner, and Mrs. Bower have been some of my coaches that have made the sport enjoyable the whole time. Also, the spring of my 6th grade year, I joined the track team. I have also got to participate in track since then with some of my closest friends. From cross country and track, I have been a part of some great teams and gotten into other forms of fitness, like biking.

     The most important extracurricular of my high school career, however, has been FFA. I was able to join FFA my 8th grade year. Since then, I have been able to participate in many contests. Through these contests, I have got to travel quite a lot all over Indiana. I have also got to go to Oklahoma three different times and Michigan a couple of times. I have also learned a lot more in my ag classes than any of my other classes. Also in FFA, I have been able to meet and be around a lot of new people I probably wouldn’t have talked to without FFA. Furthermore, I have got to be a three year officer in FFA, and got to be President my senior year. I am very appreciative of Mr. Appleton for helping me achieve all of my goals in FFA and always helping me in classes.

     As I proceed into my final few days here at Lewis Cass, I am thankful for all the relationships and experiences I have had. I have acquired many skills being in many different sports and clubs in high school. I’d say the most important skill I have learned is being able to be a leader, which is something a lot of employers look for in new employees. 

     One piece of advice I would give to underclassmen is to try out new things. Since we are at just a small, 2A school the only way we can improve at sports is to get more people involved. So, surround yourself with people you would like to be around and be like and enjoy your short time here at Lewis Cass.