Senior Year Reflection


Senior year is full of excitement and fun. It is the last year of high school and it is what you have worked towards your whole life. It is a fun experience and holds many great memories before the next chapter of your life. Enjoying every moment of your last year is very important. It is something that you will never get back, so making it memorable is very important. 

One thing that is interesting about senior year is the connections that happen between people. Because it is the last year and so much is going on, people seem to connect more throughout senior year. Towards the end, everyone seems to realize that they probably won’t see each other again after this. There is a joy that we are all graduating and people don’t really care to be mad at anyone or hold any grudges. 

Senior year holds many activities that lead to great memories. For me, my favorite activities this year were sports. Going to all the sporting events with all of my friends and cheering them on was very fun. Playing sports is also very fun too. It is the last time I will play some of these sports on an official team, so I try to enjoy those moments as well. I would suggest to anyone in the school to go to a sporting event with your friends and cheer on whatever teams are playing. It is something that you will always remember and it is a great time. Another event that is very fun is the variety show. It holds a lot of funny scenes and great talented acts. The whole school and community comes together and it makes for a great time. It is during homecoming week, so you get to see the football team and homecoming court as well. I have gone to the variety show all of my years of highschool, and I have loved every single one. The senior skits, homecoming courts, and teacher skits are something that you don’t want to miss. The prom is another event that I have surprisingly enjoyed. I usually don’t like going to dances, but I went to the prom and it was a great time. All of the people are there to have fun and listen to some fun music. The after prom is also something that is very enjoyable. It is a time to chill after the prom and play games and have fun. 

One thing that I have learned from this senior year is to enjoy every moment and participate. I think that it is more fun when you do something out of your comfort zone because you won’t get it back. You don’t want to think about your senior year and wish you could’ve done something that you didn’t. I would recommend to anyone in high school to not be afraid. It is a time for you to learn things about yourself and life. You are able to explore and try new things. It is important to be nice to others and make the time that you have left worth it. Overall, senior year has been amazing. It held great memories and friendships that I will never forget.