A New Addition


Not many schools allow students to bring their dogs into schools, however; at Lewis Cass High School, students don’t even have to bring in their dog. Why? Because the school is providing one for them. Gracie made her first appearance at the school this year, 2020 and has already been a great addition to the community. She is only one and a half years old, but she definitely knows how to do her job. She is friendly, energetic, a great therapy dog, and knows how to act around people. I have seen her roaming around the hallways, and have seen her outside in the school parking lot as we all leave school. 

Gracie can be super beneficial when it comes to kids feeling down, depressed, or even just overwhelmingly stressed about anything. Who doesn’t just want to hug all over a dog when they are down in the dumps? Even though Gracie may not be able to take away a student’s depression or stress, she certainly knows how to make a kid smile or distract them from any life problems for a few moments. 

According to Madison Cummins, the dog “is very cute and could calm children in distress, as well as helping with kids that may be suffering from anxiety.” Gracie does an amazing job when it comes to helping with anxiety and distress, and gets a gold star in the cuteness department. If a student is suffering from anxiety over a test, home life, or anything, Gracie is the go to dog for making a student feel better and to give a student a sense of joy and peace.

Even though Gracie is just a dog, she might actually help better than most humans can. She is great for introverted students, since introverts don’t really enjoy talking to people. Introverted kids can talk to Gracie without feeling like they are being judged, and can just hug all over her if they are too embarrassed to talk to a dog or human. That is what Gracie is at Lewis Cass for, to make students feel like they always have somebody to talk to even if they aren’t talking to an actual person. If you’re a student at Lewis Cass, never feel ashamed or embarrassed to feel the need to just talk to or hug all over the dog.

Even though a student may not be able to bring their own dog into the building of the school, Gracie is a great replacement. She is confident, brilliant, and knows how to act around kids and give them a sense of relaxation. She is one of a kind, and has for sure made an impact on the lives of the students at Lewis Cass High School. With everything being said, if you attend school at Cass, you should definitely go check out Gracie and go see her whenever you are feeling down in the dumps, upset, or just need to see a dog. If a dog is allowed in a school, why not take advantage of it

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