I’ll Give You the Sun

Ill Give You the Sun

Reading a book is a way to visualize yourself being someone else. Reading can help you escape and imagine yourself in an alternative reality. Reading attracts many people because there are so many different types of stories you can read. You can read anything from a romance novel to a horror story. There are also many different ways to read them. You don’t have to go to a library just to be able to find a book. There are many websites online where you can get any book you want to read for free. One book that I’ve read recently is I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. This genre of this book is young adult fiction. I hadn’t heard of this book until one of my friends had read it and recommended it to me, so I decided to start reading it. I didn’t expect it, but this book was one of my favorite books that i have read. 


I’ll Give You the Sun revolves around fraternal twins named Noah and Jude Sweetwine. They were always close growing up, but once they turned thirteen they started to drift apart from each other. One of the reasons they drifted was because they were constantly fighting for their mothers attention. Both of the twins wanted to apply to get into a highly competitive art school. In Noah’s pov when he was younger, he was always trying to hide Judes art skill from their mother. Noah later found out a secret about his mom that he was going to confront her about when she came home. She ended up getting killed in a car accident on her way home to see him. 


The book skips to a couple years later after their mothers death from Judes pov. She has been trying to cope with her mother’s death, but isn’t doing well and is about to flunk out of school. She finds a mentor to help her with her sculptures named Guillermo Garcia. Her sculptures are a way for her to process the problems going on in her life. You learn that earlier, when the twins were sending out applications to art school Jude only sent hers and not her brothers. Noah has been upset that he hasn’t gotten into the school, and that Jude has a mentor helping her with her sculptures. Noah thinks that his mom dying was his fault and that he is failing because he didn’t get into the school he wanted. So he decides to get drunk and jump off a cliff into deep water. Jude learns that her brother is going to do this, so she goes to stop him. After she stops him from committing suicide, they go back home and start to talk to each other. Jude admits that she didn’t send Noah’s art application, and he tells her why he thinks he is responsible for their mom’s death. The book then skips to a little while later after Noah has been accepted into art school, and Jude is still being mentored. With all their misunderstandings cleared up, the twins have started to reconnect and rebuild their relationship. 


I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something new to read. I would rate it a 5/5 because it had everything I liked to read about, and there was never a dull moment in the book.