Christmas In Quarantine


It’s safe to say that this year has been anything but ordinary. With the rise of the pandemic, many things have changed. Holiday get togethers, birthday parties, summertime cookouts, amongst other things have been cancelled, or been virtual. With many students being out due to contact tracing or COVID related, myself included, here’s how I’ve been spending my time. 


My dad and my stepdad have all tested positive. They happen to work at the same place, so they more than likely got it from the same person. Because of this, our Christmas routine has been changed this year. Normally depending on which house I’m at the morning of Christmas, I go to my other parents house at noon and then spend the evening at one of my grandparents’ houses. Due to my parents testing positive, we are not going anywhere except I am simply going to my other parents house. All other Christmas gatherings that I would normally go to have been moved to January. 


As bummed as I am we are in quarantine over Christmas, I like that I get to spend more time hanging out with my mom. I’ve gotten most of my school work done, so most days I spend my time cleaning and napping. Or I at least try to, before my dog decides I need to hold him because apparently I never give him any affection even though I share my room with this dog. I now share a bathroom with my mom because my stepdad is in quarantine in their bedroom, so that has been interesting. It is honestly kind of nice to be able to sit at home on the couch and cuddle with my dogs. I don’t have time to do things like that because of my busy schedule. Most evenings, my mom and I sit on the couch and watch Supernatural together, or we just read. I’ve been watching The Prom on Netflix a bunch recently and I highly recommend it if you’re into musicals. I normally end up making dinner, but I don’t mind it most of the time. That’s pretty much what we do during the day, before my mom goes to bed with our other two dogs and my dog and I stay up until the hours of the morning. I’m thinking of starting up a hobby, but I’m not sure yet. I might start writing stories again, who knows.  


My question for anyone reading this is how was your Christmas? Did any of your family have to quarantine, or were you able to get out unscated? If you are in quarantine or for anyone in general, how do you and your family plan to do Christmas this year? Did any of your Christmas get cancelled? Any hobbies that you might try over break, or TV shows you might want to watch? Anway, just a reminder to be thankful for being able to spend time with your family, even if it is over a video screen or is in the New Year. 

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