Answering a call to action

“Elizabeth from Knoxville” after attempting to break into the US Capitol.


Mr. Hawes’ blip starts out with a description of a video I’m sure we’ve all seen by now. A woman crying whilst others rage through the Capitol building proclaiming “It’s a revolution!” This type of imagery and description he provides helps with the context of mindless followers of Trump doing what he says and also subtly explaining just how much influence he has over others to incite a riot. It’s a fantastic situational explanation, as I am familiar with the video and that kind of seemingly brainwashed following. Mr. Hawes then goes on to briefly discuss the riot, then brings up how Mitt Romney, long-time critic of Trump, again trashed the president during the verification of the election of last year. He does a fantastic job of putting his own opinion and viewpoints into the piece without directly saying anything that anyone could quote him on, rather it is other people he quotes, republicans, that he gets his point across with. It is genius.