Stem Personality Test

Stem Personality Test

In our 8th grade Social Studies Class, we completed a Stem assignment. We did a personality test. This personality test had 40 questions. You could get one out of 4 colors:  red,  blue,  yellow,  or green.  Mr.  Branz gave us a worksheet that listed the characteristics of these colors.  We took the same personality test in 7th grade,  but these results were much different.


     After answering each question on the test,  the results will give you an assigned color.  Each color represents a certain type of personality.  The reds represent the competitive group,  the strong-willed people in our society.  They have a need to be powerful and controlling.  These people can be very demanding.


     The yellows are very sociable.  They enjoy other people.  They are very cooperative and relaxed.  The yellows are very patient people. This group of people want to work on things as a group.


     The green group likes to work in peace, They like to work in peace to get things done.  The people in this group are analytical thinkers.  They like to do things in a caring way.  They like to help each other.


     The reds are very determined and they want to get things done right away!  They are very focused and they are very determined.  They are always on track and they are very efficient.  


     The blue group works very consistently to get things done.  They like to stick to the facts of a topic.  This group likes to have structure and consistency in the way in which they get things completed.  


      A personality test can tell you a lot about yourself and the way you think about things around you.   It can also show others what interests you and what you have in common with that person. In some cases you can even be in different color groups and still have some things in common because of other choices you made on the test. Taking a personality test is a fun thing to do with friends or classmates to see what each other’s thoughts and interests are.