Wonder About Wind?

Earlier this year, our 8th grade class focused on wind energy. The way we learned about wind was through wind turbines. First, we went around the school and gathered wind speeds. We used these to figure out where to place a turbine if we put one on Lewis Cass property. Once we got the location, we researched how to produce the maximum amount of energy by using different pitch angles, turbine size, and shape. We tested these ideas on prototype windmills. Our group had a lot of fun designing and testing our blades. As we were building, we had several specialists come in and help us with our decision making and our opinion on wind energy. During our building process, we used a tool to tell us how many volts our turbine was producing, which helped us develop the most ideal prototype.  We did lots of research to find out the most efficient amount of blades and what angles our blades needed to be. We eventually came to the conclusion that our wind turbine should have 3 blades and they should all be at a 45 degree angle, facing towards the wind. This made the turbine able to capture the most wind on the blades, and spin the fastest. Which obviously means the faster the blades are turning, the more energy it is producing.