Imagine having a movie made about your life. In the movie Elf, Buddy was inside Santa’s gift bag and was brought into the north pole, and made a journey to New York City to see his biological father. This movie is very entertaining, family tradition, and a wonderful Christmas movie for all to see. This Movie was one of my favorite movies to watch during a snowy day in December. 

In the beginning, Buddy was a newborn, but was in good hands to be trained as an elf. He was trained by all of the other elves just as if he was not human until he started growing. He was as tall as a tree, and had a hard time doing his normal everyday elf duties. Buddy went to talk to his father, and he then found out that his dad lived in New York City. This added rising action to the movie, and it added some foreshadowing to this film.

Buddy then took the trek to New York City with his elf outfit on. The humans thought that he was in a costume. He was very confused with the city life which brought laughter to the audience. I personally enjoyed the humor between Buddy and the New York citizens because it brought more comedy to the movie.

Buddy met his biological father, and the father was not a fan of him. The suspension between the two grew large enough that he was escorted out by the security guards. Buddy went to find a job while exploring the city to help relieve the stress off of his father. Buddy went to the local mall, and found a Christmas Toy Store. I think that this helped him make his transition from the north pole to the big apple. He gained many new friends and a lady named Jovie. Buddy and Jovie had several adventures, and formed a relationship that the viewers would probably predict that it was going to happen. I personally enjoyed the bond that they have created and enjoyed watching them learn about each other on their adventures. 

Once Buddy started his new job and met some new friends, he took a gift to his dad for an apology. Buddy ended up at jail, but his dad saved him from being in there too long. Buddy’s dad decided that it was time to bring him home. I thought he should have brought Buddy home because they could have taught him how to act more human than elf. After he was raised by his dad and family for a few years, he then moved in with his girlfriend Jovie to start their life in the city together.

Overall, Elf is a very entertaining movie to watch, and has brought families together over the holidays. Buddy has brought joy in several children’s eyes and helped them gain some Christmas spirit. I still enjoy watching this movie with my family every year, and I hope that you get the chance to watch it too!