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Adults hijack mask debate at Logansport school board meeting

In the article “Adults hijack mask debate at Logansport school board meeting” Josh uses logos to explain the tension in the board meeting. Josh focused on a student who was brave enough to speak his opinion at this board meeting. The brave students name is Evan gay, and he is a student at Logansport high school. The board meeting was about the mask mandates. Most of the people who attended the meeting were in favor of not having masks mandated. However, Evan decided he would share his opinion on being in favor of the mandate, and was able to support his opinion with factual evidence. Evan began to be heckled by the people in the meeting, but was encouraged by board members to continue speaking. Although Evan was brave enough to share his opinion on the topic, he wasn’t able to change people’s minds. As of today the mandate will be lifted on February 28th, and masks will be optional.