Marching On to State


Lewis Cass has a lot of great activities. Every school will have their ups and downs throughout time of these different activities. One year, we could win state and another could not even leave sectionals with a win. Throughout most schools, there are usually those certain teams that are always known for being good. A lot of the time, the school will have a lot of students participating in that event and most likely put a lot of money into it as well. This is not the case for Lewis Cass. The Lewis Cass Marching Kings have won state a total of 10 times throughout school history. This year could be a three peat for their 11th state championship title. The band is something that Lewis Cass has been known for for a very long time. Since the band’s beginning, in 1964, it has been a powerhouse. They have proven that with their countless wins, awards, and state recognition. Lewis Cass used to have a lot of people participate in the band for a very long time. Even though the numbers have dropped, the dedication and hard work has stayed true. While they may be a small school from Walton and might face some more talented and bigger schools along the way, collectively, the band has relied on extreme hustle, hard work, and sound fundamentals to meet their challenges. They fundraise and work very hard to keep their legacy going. November 5th is nothing new to the band. They will compete for the State title Saturday at 6:55 pm. They will be in Lucas Oil trying their hardest to win. In the past, after winning, the band will have a police escort through the town of Walton. They have gotten a lot of recognition and proven themselves. In 2015, the Lewis Cass Marching Kings were invited to perform at the 89th annual Macy’s Day Parade. They were representing Lewis Cass and the entire town of Walton on National Television. That is the first and only time the band has done something this well known. This was a big deal for the band. They got a lot of recognition and support. This is something that I believe the band deserves more of. They have won the most titles in Lewis Cass history and still are doing amazing. They have gone through different directors, but throughout, they find a way to succeed. A lot of people don’t realize how much the band does. They practice all the time, late nights, fundraise, and are at the basketball and football games. They provide a lot of excitement at the games. The students are all very kind and show a lot of support for the other teams. Their ability to stay humble and happy throughout all of the time they spend on band is amazing. They have shows and concerts for the public as well. They provide a lot of help for the choir and other events. We wish them the best of luck Saturday and hope to see them bring home the gold.