Spreading Kindness Through Socks


For the most part, it is safe to say that everyone knows what socks are. Socks are worn throughout most countries of the world. It might not seem like socks are that big of a deal. Yes, most people have socks, but there are people who don’t. Some people are in desperate need of clothes and socks. Bombas is an apparel company that donates a lot of clothes and especially socks across the United States. For every item purchased, they donate an item. They have made 75 million donations across the 50 states. Bombas figured out that socks were the most requested item in homeless shelters. The founders wanted to give back to people and try to make a change. They created a giving network. This is a network of many local partners that specialize in giving to the homeless. They will deliver the socks to the organizations. The organization can then distribute the socks to the volunteers they have to get them out to the homeless. The network is becoming bigger and bigger. They also deliver the socks through trucks and planes to get to the farther locations. Used socks are not allowed to be donated for hygiene reasons. This is another reason why they wanted to donate their new socks. The homeless community does a lot of walking and traveling, and this causes a lot of wear and tear on their socks. They can get very dirty and ripped very easily. They started out with socks, but later created underwear and t-shirts. Those are the number two and three items needed in homeless shelters. Mrs. Karmel, the long time Spanish teacher at Lewis Cass, has helped play a big role in the community. She purchased the socks and started learning about Bomba’s mission. She is a very kind person and likes to help in any way that she can. After doing more research, she was able to get thousands of Bomba socks at Lewis Cass. She supervises the Spanish Club and uses it to help give out socks to the community. The socks have been used for different churches and places helping the community. Her and the Spanish Club went to the elementary to give socks to all the kids at the school. During recess, the kids were able to get socks and have a lot of fun with the Spanish Club. This was a great story to hear about in the community. There are many things that the club could’ve been doing for themselves, but with Mrs. Karmel’s help, they were able to spread kindness throughout the community and help some kids who might’ve really needed it. Mrs. Karmel and the Spanish Club also went out and re-painted and cleaned up the whole playground for the kids. This shows that there are many ways to help others and spread kindness. Mrs. Karmel and Bombas are just a few examples of what the world is doing. There are many other stories and people trying to help others. Being kind and helping others are great ways to live your life.