The Unusual Movie Star

The Unusual Movie Star

Every movie has it’s superstar. Whether it be Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man, or Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, people remember the main characters of each show. Usually one would see these characters as people, but in one of the newest released box office hits Dog, main character Lulu is of the canis lupus species. How does one produce a film with man’s best friend? By carefully selecting a star pup, producers traveled to our home state Indiana and bought their dog at none other than Vohne Liche Kennels.

The movie that started showing in February of 2022, instantly became a family favorite. Jackson Briggs is an Army Ranger who wants to get back into the service after many head injuries. What is his only way in? Take a traumatized war vet dog to her owner’s funeral a couple states away. If he can do this successfully, his commanding officer will then give him a good word to join back into the service. Through a bumpy road, literally and figuratively, Jackson and Lulu have to find their way to this funeral and move past each other’s differences.

Not just any normal pooch can play the role of a dog who has been through war. The producers of Dog had to find a canine with an array of talents that a real life trained dog would have. They looked up a company who has dealt with this business before, and were led to my father’s business- VLK. In the past, the company has familiarized themselves with Hollywood by selling dogs to the producers of famous movie John Wick. When asked what traits and skills dogs need to have, Kenneth Licklider, CEO, replied, “We train each movie dog like the ones we sell to the military. They start out at a base level training, then the specifics like narcotics, attack, etc, then the commands that crew members might use on set. Everyone misconceives these dogs to be killers at sight, but in reality, these dogs are just as family friendly as Lassie. The set simply has to be careful with not agitating the dogs into a situation where they might attack. It all comes with training and responsibility.”

Aside from the training each dog would need, the movie producers purchased three dogs from VLK instead of just one. Ken said, “On many famous movies where babies play active roles, they are generally played by multiple different kids because they might get tired or fussy. Likewise, dogs can act up and become tired of the constant role he might have to play. The producers made the correct choice in purchasing three dogs instead of one so that each dog could symbolize different moments and not over-indulge themselves in the set life. Even so, I heard that one dog aired on screen longer than the other two due to her lovable smile and personality.”

In the end, the movie Dog can be seen as a hit for the animal world. I personally enjoyed the movie to the max. It was humorous, entertaining, and heartwarming. If one would like to show support to the local businesses, travel to the nearest movie theater and enjoy a nice evening with the familiar or oneself. This movie will have one laughing at Jackson and Lulu’s fantastic relationship and realizing how a truly amazing bond can form with man’s best friend.