College Go Week


College go week is a very important time for students, especially for seniors. It’s a week for all students to start planning on their education beyond high school. Some colleges will offer free applications, and even give out more information on what you need to start applying. This year it is set for September 26-30, which happens to be this week. This is a time that schools are encouraged to promote enrollment in college with a weekly schedule of events including presentations by college admissions representatives, trivia contests, and daily morning announcements.


Every morning at Cass during the announcement they talk about college go week. They will talk more in depth about a certain college every day, and mention each teacher that graduated from there. At the end of the announcement they will ask a trivia question. When I asked Mrs. Adams what these questions were she responded with all five from each morning. One was “Name a post-secondary degree and the average time it takes to complete.”  Another example was “What does FAFSA stand for? Why is it important to fill it out before college?” You will have until lunch to come up with your answer for a prize to win. Also every day this week there has been a college admission representative that has come to the school to teach students more about the college. They have also been handing out free gifts including pens, shirts, stickers, and bookmarks. You can go up to their table at lunch and they will tell you a little bit more about where they are going to college and why it might be a good pick for you. There have been colleges including Purdue, Indiana University of Bloomington, IUPUI, Indiana State and Ivy Tech that have come to Cass this week. 


The school counselors have also been very busy this week. Both Mrs, Adams, and Mrs. Thompson has been sending out emails about scholarships, applications, and lists of colleges. They have both said that it’s a very important week for the seniors to get a better idea of what colleges we are planning on attending after this year. The counselors have also been sending out transcripts so that students can send in applications. They also have college visit forms so that students are able to go look at where they are waiting to apply before making any decisions. In classes some teachers have been wearing t-shirts from where they attend college, and talking a little bit about their college experience. Teachers have been talking about how to apply, when to apply, and what is best to include on the college application too. These tips can be very helpful for the seniors that do not have a good understanding of how to apply. Overall, Lewis Cass has put on a very informative and helpful week for the seniors here at Lewis Cass. The trivia questions, college information, and helpful emails they have sent out have made a big difference for the seniors that are struggling with college applications.