Lewis Cass FFA


Imagine being involved with the community educating them about agriculture through contests, trips, service, and activities all year round. The Lewis Cass FFA is one of the best FFA programs in the state of Indiana. The Lewis Cass FFA has done everything from local to state to the national level. 

The Chapter is made up of 14 officers and 2 advisors. This year the officers are Kade Mennen( President), Ashlee Lindley and John Helms (Vice Presidents), Maggie Taylor (Secretary), Morgan Sailors (Treasurer), Cole McCloskey (Reporter), Keenan Appleton (Sentinel), Lexi Freeman (Parliamentarian), Lindsay Landis and Emma Logan (Historians),Kaden Benner, Kyle Henry, and Breyton Hensley (Chairmen), and Kinsey Mennen (Student Advisor). The advisors are Mr.Appleton and Mrs.Smith.

Most of the ag classes include participating in contests throughout the year, which is also counted as field trips. These field trips can range from judging soil in a field, judging crops, forestry, and entomology in the fall, leadership contests in the winter, and livestock judging. All of these contests relate to a class that Lewis Cass offers which makes it a fun experience. Some of the students over the years that have participated in contests have worked their way to going on national contest trips for a week during the school year.

A big part of FFA is working on your leadership skills,  4r service, life skills, and an SAE. An SAE is a supervised agricultural experience. SAE’s help kids realize what they do on a daily basis could be related to agriculture. Some examples of SAE’s from kids that do not own livestock are lifeguarding, community service, feeding a pet, gardening, and fishing. There are a few ways that the Lewis Cass FFA gives back to the community by members volunteering their time to collect food for a local food pantry, working a breakfast hosted during FFA week honoring the faculty members, and working a porkchop dinner for the community. The officers are also on a worker auction ballot where they donate their time to help someone in the community. Life skills and Leadership skills in the program are brought from class activities, meetings, field trips, contests, and projects. 

In conclusion, the Lewis Cass FFA Chapter is one of the best functioning chapters in the northern part of indiana. Our chapter likes to welcome children from all backgrounds even if it is not farming or taking care of livestock. FFA is a contest and hands on based program that has led students to success in their careers later down the road from their leadership and life skills, community service, and their supervised agricultural experience. The Lewis Cass FFA is one of the best programs at Lewis Cass High School, and if you are interested I would be glad to talk more about it!