Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework

Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework

Do you think students should have homework? I think that students should not have homework because students need time to actually be kids.I think that students need time to play sports, spend time with family, and to get rest.

The first reason that I think students should not have homework is because of sports. I know that education is more important than sports, but sometimes that is not the case. When students have late practices they can’t always get their homework done. When kids are stuck at home doing homework they get lazy, but when you are playing sports you get to be more productive and you get to have fun. Sitting around doing homework all day is not the best thing you could be doing.We have seven hours of school. Teachers have plenty of time to teach us everything we need to know so that way when we get home from school and practice we don’t have to worry about  homework. If we didn’t have enough time to finish the work then we should just do it the next day, but sometimes teachers don’t let you make up the homework.

The second reason that I think students should not have homework is because they need to spend time with their families. A lot of students’ parents have a night job that requires them to be there all night long. This means that parents only get to see their kids in the morning. When students get a lot of homework and have to finish it when they get home, they get tired and when their parents get home they would already be asleep. Also students might have something to do after school like going out to eat with their family, or they might have to go get something from the store. Kids need time to be with their family and not always worry about having to finish their homework

The final reason that I think students should not have homework is because they need rest. I think that students need rest because when they get home they are so tired that they go to sleep and don’t finish their homework. Another reason is that they couldn’t get their homework done is because they stayed up all night trying to finish their homework and the next day they are tired at school. Having a good night’s rest allows students to come to school ready to learn.

In conclusion, I think students should not have homework because everyone needs a break. Being productive and spending time with your family in my opinion is way more important than homework. Sometimes homework is stopping students from doing what they love. In my opinion actually being able to enjoy your life is more important than having to do homework.