Senior Year



As my high school career is coming to an end, I am reminiscing on all of the memories I’ve made with my friends and family. My least favorite part of my senior year is letting go of all of the sports that I have played my whole life. Letting go of something I love so much brings me hardships even though bigger and better things are coming to you. I’ve made a lot of memories from football with all of my teammates over the past 10 years. I’m going to miss getting up at 6 a.m. to go to a Saturday tournament for wrestling. I am going to miss playing sports with the people that I have played with all my life. 

One of my fondest memories I have made was on the football field with my friends, or should I say family, when we were on the Bears and Forty-Niners playing against each other. That year both teams went undefeated and were playing each other for the little league title. Of course, the Forty-Niners won because after all, we did play the “Care Bears” or so we called them. Although we were on different teams, that game is one of my favorite games because It was one of my last moments playing little league football. 

I still remember coach Mannering coming up to the sixth graders after the last game and talking to us about playing high school football, and how we are now part of one team and one team only. That was the first time we broke out the huddle as Kings. I will always remember that till the day I die. I will also always remember the last time I ever broke the huddle as a King. It will be one of the saddest moments in life because it was the last time I was able to play the game of football with my brothers. All of the seniors were crying because we knew that after that game we would never be able to step on the gridiron and play football as a King and with our brothers ever again. 

Another memory I will never forget was one of my first wrestling matches when I was in third or fourth grade. We went to this big meet at Maconaquah High School to get some good experience in a wrestling match. At the time I was a bit of a chubster so I had to wrestle some older kids, but I still didn’t do too badly for my first time ever wrestling an actual match. I lost two of the four I wrestled and got fourth in my weight class, so you could say I was a bit of a stud back then. That is one of the only memories I have wrestling when I was little. In junior high I was still not very developed so I really wasn’t that good at wrestling or football, but I was getting better. By my freshman year I was a little more developed and got better but was still JV because I was behind three seniors in the three weight classes I could go. Each year I got progressively better and this year I am hoping to make a good run at the state tournament. I am going to miss wrestling because it has made me appreciate food a lot more. You never know how much you miss food until you have to cut 15 pounds in a week to make weight for the weekend. I lived off of PB&J’s and Cuties for about three weeks straight, yet I will miss it. I am not yet finished with my senior season for wrestling, but it is coming and very quickly. I am not ready for the day I have to give it all up because that will be a heartbreaking moment. 

I will miss high school sports and the memories I have made with all of my friends and family, but I know that bigger and better things are going to be coming to me. I am ready for the day that I graduate. 

So one thing I will say to all the kids coming into high school, cherish every moment you get with your friends and family. Remember the times on the football field, basketball court, the wrestling mat, or whatever it may be. Remember everything you’ve been through with your friends because it will go by in a blur, and it will be the best times of your life.

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