High School Sweethearts


“What if?” is a question I have a tendency to ask a lot. What if I made a right turn instead of a left turn? What if I said this? What if I picked this? But, the question I find myself asking quite frequently is: “what if I never had Spanish 1 with him?” Everybody knows and has heard about a basic, cheesy, high school romance story at least one point in their life. As a little girl, I dreamed of having a high school romance, especially since my parents are high school sweethearts. Once I reached my freshman year, I basically accepted the fact that having a high school sweetheart was more like a fantasy instead of a reality, until I met the boy in my Spanish 1 class.

He seemed like a pretty nice guy, the only problem, we were both shy. Weeks went by and we started to open up more and talk to each other. I learned he was different than other guys. He had this kindness to him, the best sense of humor, and knew how to make me smile.

We were both in fall sports. I had cross country practice while he had tennis practice. So like a typical fourteen year old girl with a crush, I tried to casually bump into him as much as possible. We started messaging on the social media app Instagram, until he made a smooth move by messaging me “I have limited data, could I just have your number?” Talking a little in class led to us teasing each other, which led us to texting all the time, which led to FaceTime calls, which led to January 8, 2018, the day he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Since that day, we have attended four dances together, cliff jumped together, gone to Cedar Point together, watched each other go through the Kokomo Awakening, and much more. When I tell you it is like a teenage romance book, I really mean it.

The date I will never forget happened this summer, 2020. We took my dad’s truck, filled the trunk with blankets and pillows, and drove off to the drive-in. Half way through the movie our focus was no longer on the movie, but on the sky. We looked up at the sky and just gazed at the stars. We pointed out constellations, talked about the galaxy, talked about how amazing God is, and then my favorite memory with him happened. I never saw a shooting star before, so I was talking to him about how I’ve wanted to see one my whole life. Literally thirty seconds later, we both saw my first shooting star in the dark sky. 

We started dating our freshman year, and here we are now, just beginning our senior year. This guy has turned into so much more than just my boyfriend over these past few years. He has become the person I count on, the person who makes me smile most, the person who I know will always be goofy with me, and my overall best friend.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine life without my high school sweetheart now. These past few years at Cass have been the absolute best since I’m spending everyday with the person I love, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for the both of us. Trenton, if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t trade you for anything or anybody else in the entire world. You are one of a kind, and I am so very thankful for your goofy, caring, kind hearted self.

So, what if I never had Spanish 1 with him? What if I never got to know him? What if we never got out of our shy stage? What this relationship has taught me the most is that God puts the right person in your life at the right time, and God’s plan is perfect. I could spend all day thinking about the what ifs, but at the end of the day, God put us together and I can’t wait to see the adventure He has planned out for us.    


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