A Little Bit About TikTok


Have you ever wanted to listen to music, but not the whole song? Or wanted to watch something funny, but didn’t want to look it up on YouTube? Or wanted to do a dance, but didn’t want to have to learn a long one? Tik Tok is just the app for anybody who wants to do all three of those things. It has humor, songs, dances, and even some sad videos when you are just down in the dumps. 

I think that Tik Tok is actually a very therapeutic app, because people can relate to other people on that app. There have been times I got on it, watched a video, and thought oh my gosh….I am not the only person who thinks or does this…I’m glad I’m not crazy! When a person is in a great mood, there are videos that can relate to their mood; however, when a person is down in the dumps, there are also videos on that app that can relate to a person’s current situation.

Tik Tok is an app people can get onto when they just want to have a good time, dance, and do whatever. At most girl sleepovers, there is a very good chance that they will make at least one Tik Tok dance, and try to make themselves famous with tons of views. If a person wants to dance but is not good at it whatsoever, that is perfectly okay, because Tik Tok is an app filled with thousands of horrible dancers like myself.

Have you ever wanted to make a video, but didn’t want anybody to see it? Not a problem at all, just save it in your drafts and go back and watch it later for a good laugh. Also, have you ever wanted to make a video, but only wanted your friends to see it? Again, not a problem, just turn on the privacy setting, or upload it to where only your friends only can see it. In my opinion, Tik Tok does a great job at keeping what you want private to stay private. 

I think that nobody is too old for this app, and everybody has heard the quote “you’re never too old to have fun,” so you’re never too old to download the app Tik Tok and have some fun! There are grandmas and grandpas on the app, and I find their videos very entertaining and extremely hilarious to watch. With that being said, if somebody tells you that you’re too old for Tik Tok, don’t listen to them. I think that everybody deserves the joy and laughter that Tik Tok brings to all ages.

To wrap everything up, Tik Tok is a great app for anybody no matter what age a person is. In my opinion, everybody should download this app to have a good laugh, be able to relate to other people, or even let out a good cry if it’s well needed. It’s definitely therapeutic, and the most entertaining app on my phone. So, if you don’t have Tik Tok downloaded I suggest downloading it right now, it’s free, so why not try it out?