The Invention That Changed My Life

The Invention That Changed My Life

Our way of living has changed drastically throughout the past one-hundred years. This is due to the new inventions that have been developed. Some of the most life changing inventions created in the past one-hundred years are computers, smartphones, televisions, 3D printers, and many more. The invention that has impacted me the most are smartphones. Although there are a lot of flaws about smartphones, there are also many positive things to say about them. My life would be very different if I didn’t grow up when smartphones existed. I use my phone to communicate with different people and also to help me stay organized.  

The first way I use my phone for good is how I communicate with my parents. This is the most positive way I use my phone. My cell phone has always been a huge way of how I communicate with my family. As an athlete I have to keep my parents informed on different things happening in my sports. If a practice gets canceled I am able to text my parents instead of having to wait until I get home. If I have an urgent question about something and my parents aren’t home I can just text them and ask them instead of waiting. 

The second way I use my phone for good is to communicate with my friends. I only get to really see my friends at school or when we make plans with each other. Balancing school, work, and sports it is sometimes hard to make time to hangout with my friends. My phone is a big help in being able to communicate with my friends, because I don’t get to see them often. If I want to make plans with my friends on the weekends when I don’t see them at school I am able to message them on my phone and ask them if they want to hangout. Social media is also a huge help in keeping up with my friends. The social media I use to keep up with my friends are Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, and sometimes Facebook. Snapchat is a fast and easy way to keep in touch throughout the day. I also use iMessages to text my friends. 

The final way I use my phone for good is by keeping myself organized. There are many different apps you can download to help you keep organized. The one I use the most is a calendar app. I really like this app because I can set reminders for each event I have going on. The app I use also allows me to color coordinate which I personally really like. I also use another calendar app with one of my really close friends. It is a shared calendar app, so we can see what days we can spend time together. This is very helpful so we don’t have to try to remember what’s going on each week. We can just look instead. Another app that really helps me out is the clock app. I set a lot of alarms so I know I am running on time when getting ready for different events. 

Overall I think phones were a great invention. Phones have definitely changed my life, and many other people’s lives. I am thankful for a device that helps me out in different ways. Phones are very convenient for everyday life.