Fire Engine


This is a fire engine also known as a fire truck. The fire engine in America was invented in 1743. The fire engine was invented to move water from one place to another faster. Fire engines are used all around the world for fires and other emergencies. Thomas Lote was the one who invented the first fire engine in America. The fire engine is still being used but over the years it has been improved a lot.

 The first fire engine company went into service in 1678 in Boston, Massachusetts.The purpose for the fire engine is to put out fires. The fire engine helps get more water to the fire faster.At first the fire engine had to be dragged by horses or humans had to manually move it.It has changed a lot because today the fire engines are way better equipped and have way more advanced technology. 

One improvement that I would make to the fire engine is giving it helicopter blades. I would give it helicopter blades so it can get to emergencies faster. Also so they will not have to worry about any traffic. Oshkosh Corporation is a company that makes fire engines. It is also the largest company.


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