It’s a word white people use to describe the rich

Those with nice cars and houses

The ones ones who don’t have to worry about having enough money for food, bills, and clothes


It’s a word women use to describe men

Those who can catcall and objectify without consequences

The ones who don’t have to worry about getting dress coded at school


It’s a word black people use to describe white people.

Those who aren’t called thugs and drug dealers

The ones who don’t have to worry about being shot for the color of their skin

I know I’m just a pretty white girl.

How dare I talk about privilege

How dare I talk about people who worry that they may be shot for being “threatening”

Who am I to say men don’t have to follow dress code

Who am I to say white people ignore their privilege

But I was blessed to be born with fair skin and blue eyes that match the sky

And because I have a nice ass and big boobs I won’t have to worry much about dress code either

But not everyone is born with privilege

Some people will never know what it’s like to have unspoken social privileges

Pretty white girls who cry their way out of speeding tickets

Men who catcall and wear cutout shirts

And most importantly white people who don’t have to worry near as much about being shot for nothing

See, privilege is weird like that

It never tells you it’s there, but the people who don’t have it see it

And by the time it’s pointed out to us we deny it, tell them they’re lying

We get so used to the weight of privilege that we forget about it

We ignore the things we get away with because it seems normal to us

The people who don’t get away with those things, they feel the weight to

They see us carrying a bag of gold coins that we can’t share because we don’t know it’s there

When people are told about white privilege they say

Oh not everything is about race

That’s not even a thing

We get so used to the bag of coins

That we forget its weight

That we forget it’s even real


Something that isn’t addressed

Something that weighs two ton

But we don’t even feel an ounce


Made exclusively for white people, men, and girls with nice bodies

Find your privilege in a local mirror near you