Christmas Past


 When I close my eyes

I can see you.

Your chair, green

Just like early spring grass.

Your hair, white

Just like the snow.

The same snow that covers the big hill.

The same hill you used to take me down

When I was a little girl;

On a sled, orange 

Like fall leaves.

And I see you in the summer,

When I’m reading books under old oak trees.

The same books you gave me,

When I saw you last.

I see you in every season,

Though I only ever knew you in one.

And when I close my eyes,

Sometimes you’re there.

We’re in your living room,

And I’m opening my gifts.

Gifts that are now from Christmas past.

And I wish I could see you again,

Even if just to tell you,

“I love you.”

One last time.