My greenhouse

My greenhouse

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My Greenhouse 


For Christmas last year I received what is now one of my favorite books. It is called My Greenhouse written by Bella Mayo. At first when I got it I was a little scared of it because it is a poetry book. Once I got into the book I fell in love with it. My greenhouse is a collection of poems inspired by the author’s first romance. I think that one of the poems in the beginning of the book shows as a whole what the book is about. “To all the girls who have fallen in love, and had their hearts broken. This sweet angel is for you this is for you to see you are not alone to see that everyone laughs, everyone cries and everyone loves and no matter how much it hurts you need to choose to rise.”

At the beginning of the book the author talks a lot about how the author has met a new person that she is scared to love because of her past relationship. She talks about how her past is coming into play with someone new she is meeting. A good part that I think shows this idea starts at the beginning of the book.” My new interest-I know a boy clueless and goofy, handsome and kind, and although everything in me wants to hold out for what I once had, it’s like the heavens know about this boy and are walking my feet right to his.

Throughout the book the author does start to fall in love with this new person and I think that it’s super cool to see this process through poems. One of the poems in the book I think really captures that idea . My little in between-” I like you,but I don’t. I shouldn’t but I do. a game of ping pong what is and what isn’t. It’s a friendly game with a bit more to it. It’s not what you think but it’s not what you don’t. What fun we’re having in this little in between game.

By the end of the book the author officially gives her heart to this new guy she had met.  It says” the wildflowers sway in your direction, the lilacs point your way, no matter if I can see you or not, I can always find a bloom that will guide me to you. I think that the progression that you can clearly see throughout the book is what makes it so awesome. I would rate this book a 10 out of 10. I would recommend this to any girl that likes these kinds of books. I think that it is a good stepping stone into poetry books.