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My greenhouse

My greenhouse

Kyah Preston, Senior writer April 16, 2023

Kyah Preston   4/13/2023   Feature # 2   My Greenhouse    For Christmas last year I received what is now one of my favorite books. It is called My Greenhouse...

Christmas Past

September 3, 2021

Sometimes,  When I close my eyes I can see you. Your chair, green Just like early spring grass. Your hair, white Just like the snow. The same snow that covers the big hill. The...

My Family My Home

Alexa Madrigal September 3, 2021

Stress has been felt from generations before me Struggles were an everyday obstacle for them  From Spain to Mexico to the United States Never had they felt a breath of relief Finding a home...

March 12th

Nora Craw September 3, 2021

I can still feel his arms wrapped around me From him lifting me up in front of the brick building. Six months have passed and I still remember The glasses on his nose and the squeak of his shoes While...

Foreign: Chapter 2

Foreign: Chapter 2

March 12, 2021

As the two watched the scene before them unfold, the incident commander walked up to them.    “Are you two search and rescue from station 154?” He asked    “Yes sir.” Ryder...


March 5, 2021

Privileged. It’s a word white people use to describe the rich Those with nice cars and houses The ones ones who don’t have to worry about having enough money for food, bills, and clothes Privileged. It’s...

Foreign - An Ongoing Saga

Foreign – An Ongoing Saga

February 9, 2021

The ground felt incredibly hard. The last thing she remembered was arguing with her mother about a possible engagement before getting the notification about the five alarm fire. The old, abandoned warehouse...

Blind Disappointment

Jazmine Leydet, Contributor October 9, 2020

I just want you to care I'm broken and falling but your not there I feel so helpless, so alone Where’s my superhero did she go home Is it too late or did I make a mistake Everything's...

“Determination” By: Jazmine Leydet

Jazmine Leydet, Contributor September 22, 2020

The waves are rough and the clouds are grey  But every morning starts a new day We all get stressed and overwhelmed  We all cry and some have meltdowns But we can’t give up It’s...

Deep Thoughts

Jazmine Leydet, Contributor August 26, 2020

Amidst Heaven and Earth         by Jazmine Leydet You can’t keep me away  I’ll fly through the night like morning glaze I’m a stray but never to the game  I'm alarmed of the night’s...


Madison Miller, Senior Contributor December 7, 2015

She was sitting alone. In the middle of the floor wondering how she got there, wondering what went wrong. What did she do? How did she manage to mess everything up again? She could hear everyone in the...

The Unforgettable Summer

Megan Greer, Senior Contributor December 7, 2015

Fans squeaking, whispers in the crowd, cattle humming to one another. Showtime. Emily woke to the sound of her alarm ringing in her ear. 8am, the hour she would awake to every summer day to head down...

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