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“Determination” By: Jazmine Leydet

Jazmine Leydet, Contributor

September 22, 2020

The waves are rough and the clouds are grey  But every morning starts a new day We all get stressed and overwhelmed  We all cry and some have meltdowns But we can’t give up It’s our life and we have to fight It gets hard but that's alright  We all have a spark so let your dreams ...

Deep Thoughts

Jazmine Leydet, Contributor

August 26, 2020

Amidst Heaven and Earth         by Jazmine Leydet You can’t keep me away  I’ll fly through the night like morning glaze I’m a stray but never to the game  I'm alarmed of the night’s ray  The sun is my moon, the light of the day When the moon falls, that’s when I...


Madison Miller, Senior Contributor

December 7, 2015

She was sitting alone. In the middle of the floor wondering how she got there, wondering what went wrong. What did she do? How did she manage to mess everything up again? She could hear everyone in the living room laughing and talking as if nothing were wrong. She wished she could join them. The girl w...

The Unforgettable Summer

Megan Greer, Senior Contributor

December 7, 2015

Fans squeaking, whispers in the crowd, cattle humming to one another. Showtime. Emily woke to the sound of her alarm ringing in her ear. 8am, the hour she would awake to every summer day to head down to the barn to work with her 4-H calf. She stumbled into the old barn to hear the sound of her impati...

Parting With Loneliness

Logan Henry, Senior Contributor

December 7, 2015

As a little girl, the people around me seemed different. They all looked at me funny. I was always told by my loving mother that they were envious. I did not know what they could be jealous of, definitely not my crazy, curly, orange hair. After my mother died, I did not have anyone to rely on. My fath...

A Race to Remember

Lucas Bowman, Senior Contributor

December 7, 2015

“Just take a deep breath,” I hear from my coach behind me. I finally open my eyes to see a line of people waiting for the start lined up along the right side as if they were waiting for the grand opening of an amusement park. Somewhere in that crowd I knew my parents were there. In the middle stand...

Ashes to Nihilism

Aaron Boyd, Senior Contributor

December 7, 2015

I suppose I should start at the beginning - or now, given that time and my life have been as unchanging as the barren landscape I walk. I’ve been on this pilgrimage as long as I’ve had a will to live, walking ever forward. As long as I’ve walked, the land has remained the same. There is no day or ni...

The Golden Man

Tristan Claypool, Senior Contributor

December 4, 2015

Eternity. Eternity scares people. Nothing in all of history scares and enthralls people more. Countless lives wasted and lost, all for the search of eternity. Every culture tried their own sense of immortality, the Egyptians with their mummies, the Chinese with jade coffins, and the early English with the ...

The Tooth Occurence

Nathan Young, Senior Writer

December 4, 2015

Timid. All that early Monday morning Jack felt uneasy about the procedure later in the day. He dreaded the idea of getting his wisdom teeth pulled out for an insurmountable amount of time, but now that the time drew even closer he felt an extreme level of anxiety. His mother forced for him to get hi...

The Thanksgiving Curse

Bailey Gremelspacher, Senior Writer

December 4, 2015

  The Grams packed up the car to make the ten-hour trip to North Carolina. They were headed for Charlotte, not for a family vacation but for a wedding. Uncle Brian was finally getting married, a surprise to everyone in the family. After 38 years of his life, he had found the right woman. Thou...

The Outsider

Sydney Aleshire, Senior Writer

December 4, 2015

He didn’t have a name, not a real one. The townspeople knew him as the Outsider, but no one could remember when they first started calling him that. If asked, they’d say he’d always been there, but that wasn’t quite true. The boy barely pressed ten years of age and had only first arrived in t...

Life and Death

Patrisha Hartley, Senior Contributor

December 4, 2015

Everyone in the small town of Carlton Minnesota knew Alice Fields. The Fields moved to town when Alice was about nine years old. Right away the other children could tell how odd Alice was. She still talked to imaginary friends. Parents began to whisper about how odd she was. All the children tried to ...

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