Making Children a Priority

In “Columbia Elementary Program Focuses on Behaviors” by Kristi Hileman. Whilst reading this article, I felt sincerely for the kids in this program. The work that the staff and teachers do for the kids is outstanding and really deserving of a recognition. Knowing what the kids have gone through already at a young age is so overwhelming and saddening to know. No kid at that age should be experiencing anything of that sort whether it be “sexual abuse, violence or drug addiction in the homes, or bullying.” The program seems to be doing a lot for these kids and knowing that they are trying to “show them more grace, love, and acceptance” is very heartwarming. I have always had a strong connection with younger children everywhere I go, so knowing that these innocent children are finally being treated well in a safe environment is very relieving. This is a reminder that you never know what one is going through at home, so never forget to always greet people with kindness no matter what. It costs nothing to be nice to a new person.